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The Scandinavian Society for Immunology (SSI) includes the national immunological societies of the 5 Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. SSI has currently >1000 members.


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Slide Competition 2014

Now it is time for the next edition of the slide competition. The theme for this year is: T cells - development, activation or regulation

Pleasedown load the pp- template where you also find instructions.

PowerPoint template

Deadline: 15th September 2014

Researcher Portrait

Helena Erlandsson Harris

- Professor with a taste for inflammation


     Learn more about Helena


Articles of the month

Every month the Scientific Writer of SSI will choose a couple of articles from the Scandinavian Journal of Immunology that are of special interest. These will be summarized together with a presentation of the first author, when applicable.

Topics from the ​2014 September edition:

New insights into the expression pattern of T Cell-specific adapter protein in healthy human tissues

One step closer to solving the riddle of early pregnancy termination

Stipend receivers 2014

Congratulations all stipend receivers for the annual SSI meeting that was held in Reykjavik this year.


For more pictures from this meeting please visit the Gallery


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Open Positions

Professor/ Associate Professor in Anatomy (immunology) at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway


European Technical Support Specialist in flow 

cytometry (TEC100S2)BD Biosciences, Belgium

For more information, contact Mikael Mikko




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Lupus innovator Award

The Lupus Research Institute are open for applications for its 2014 Global Distinguished Innovator Award,

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